Saturday, March 22, 2008

Garage-A- Rama and Happy Easter

Today was the annual garage-a-rama indoor garage sale at the fairgrounds. I made it there almost before the doors opened. I had a couple of dear, but high-maintenance friends with me, who had to get coffee and cash before we could get there. I found some fairly good treasures. There are always those people who think they are selling at an antique fair and not a garage sale, but I did find some reasonably priced items. i got this little black table/plant stand, the aladin thermos, and lamp for $15. The funny thing is is that I made that lamp out of a porch post and sold it 6 years ago for $28. I bought it back for $4 and will sell it again.

I got two pieces of this vintage bark cloth, the little glass pitcher (it is hard to see, but I love it!), the beehive jar, and the candlesticks with the candles all for $10.

I got these two vintage pieces of fabric, the green mirror for my daughter's room, and the metal hook thing for $7. All in all, it was a good day. I also got a hutch and an awesome gate leg table that I will show you all another time. It was fun to be at "garage sales"--it's been a long winter and I have missed them. My girlfriends and I finished off our morning with a yummy breakfast at a downtown cafe.

I found this pewter cross made in Mexico at Sally's. It was only 75 cents and since I had just seen several in Mexico for quite a bit more, I was pleased to find this one for so cheap. And on that note, I wish you all a Happy Easter. I pray that you are in the company of loved ones as you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!


  1. Hey, congrats on your new blog! I will gladly add your link to my blogroll. I think my readers will love seeing the sorts of goodies you're finding. Best of luck to you with it! -Jenn


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