Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday at Home

Monday, Monday--so good to me. Okay--maybe not really, but I am trying to be positive. Woke up to snow and boy is it slick out, so I am sticking close to home--doing laundry and puttering around. While dusting, I decided I'd share with you a few pictures of "treasures" from garage sales and thrift stores that I use in my home. I think you can click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.

This is a candlestick I got for $.75, an old pocket watch and a picture frame atop a few old books. The top one is a book a poetry--a different poem for each day. It is missing its cover and is tied together with a bit of green floss.

I put this lamp on a silverplate tray to add more presence to it. I added the little glass beads around the bottom for extra shine.

Here is a picture of the whole table. the table was an 80's purchase from a craft show. I had it stained in the natural pine color for a long time and then didn't use it for a while. It's amazing what a little paint can do. I have so many people who want that table. The red toile chair is an old oak chair that I bought from the University of Montana for $2.50. It has arms that I took off (and saved for the future). I made the slipcover. I'm not sure how much longer I will keep the toile--I have had it for about 5 years and i am getting tired of it. My three brown transferware plates I got at a thrift store--3 for $10. In the bottom basket there are some books that and two heart shaped rocks that my daughter found for me.

On top of my TV armoire is a battered suitcase or box with a tag that says 1950's snapshots on it. I keep old magazines in the case. The bowl has fake grass in it and a picture of my dad from the Navy, during the Korean War. I use books a lot for added height and color.

Nothing new here, I know. The key when looking for suitcases to stack is to have square ones that sit flat, and aren't slanted so you can sit things on top. I store my decorating books and magazines in these. On top I have a silverplate relish tray with photos in it. People enjoy looking at the pictures and I trade them out every now and then.

One last picture for today. It is a metal box with a great rusty patina that I got out of a free box at a garage sale. I use it coral all of my frequently used kitchen staples--salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc. (Ignore the food crusted to the wall in the background Ü!)

Have a great Monday, Monday!


  1. Hello from New York! Nice to meet you! I clicked through from Kari and Kijsa's blog.
    I love your picket fence creatons and all the little treasures you use to decorate with.
    HUgs, Pat

  2. Hello! Love all your touches of red!

  3. I love old suitcases. I've found that if you have the slanted ones, you can just prop a couple of pieces of wood under the front of them, (looks like small legs) and it straitens out the slant. Love your cases and all your pics today.


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