Friday, March 21, 2008

Picket Fence

Since my business name is Beyond the Picket Fence, I like to make things using picket fence. I usually find sections of picket fence in alley ways. I always go to the door and ask if I can have it first. Here is a candle/flower holder I made. Very simple. I put rock salt in it and tea light candles in the winter months and fresh flowers in the summer.

Here is a little shelf made from picket fencing. This photo display idea came from the junkmarket ladies. I think theirs was on a stand, but I just added picture hanging wire to the back. Sorry if this all looks a little scattered--not sure how to get my photos where I want them. Anyone have any advice? Happy Friday!


  1. Welcome to blogdom. I will put a link on my blog if you don't mind.

  2. great fence projects bec. Read my home page, go down to the book review I think you'll like it. I was able to get an advanced copy of their new book, and it is certainly worth the wait.

  3. DONE! My blog is in need of love, but hopefully you can get some link love from it.

  4. found your blog on the ajc forum. thanks for sharing! I did a few picket fence projects last summer. The planter boxes were my favorite which you can check out here


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