Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Blue and Horton Hears a Who!

The kids were off of school today so the boys went snowboarding with dad, and my daughter and I went to see Horton Hears a Who. It was cute and has a good message, as the original book does, but honestly after 3 kids (my oldest is 15--so I have been at this awhile!), I look forward to graduating from the animated movies. I remember taking my oldest to his first movie, The Lion King, and how special I thought it was and how neat it was to see an animated movie with my child. I guess the awe and wonder wore off for me! I prefer the non-animated kid's movies like Enchanted. I know, someday I will look back on it all and miss watching a good old Disney animated movie, but for now, I am ready for something else! I don't let on to my daughter that I don't enjoy the movies and it is special to spend one-on-one time with her. To get that, I guess I will suffer through the animation ( a collective boo-hoo will suffice Ü).

Even though my boys hit the slopes, I do see ( and smell) little signs of spring here in Big Sky Country. The gophers are out in full swing and I can smell cow manure thawing and skunks that have been hit by cars. The blue color on these pieces that are in my antique booth get me in the spring mood too. The tool carrier, the little table and the bowl on the scale were all painted with layers of different colors. I randomly rub a candle on each layer before painting the next layer on top. When it is all dry, I use a paint scraper to scrape the layers off. People seem to like it. The cabinet in the background already had the great green blue color on it.


  1. Love your rendition of spring, thawing manure and road kill skunks.
    we must live in the same aroma alley.
    I love the pics of the blue stuff, and your candle technique. I'd love to see more pics of your booth. I'm moving into a bigger space and I need some display ideas. BTW Looks like my special page is a "go". Look for it Thursday.

  2. Yea Margo--I will look forward to it. I will try to show more pictures of my booth. I don't have too many and need to take some more. I actually need to get out there. It has been a few weeks!


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