Thursday, April 3, 2008

Take Note

I guess because I am always striving to be organized, I like to create things that help to create organization (of course, I sell them all and then don't ever get myself organized--oh well!). I do find organizational items are great sellers. I guess like me, others are also looking to "get it together".

Here are a couple of bulletin boards I made. I buy cheesy old pictures for the frames, repaint them and then add fabric covered bulletin board cork. I pick up used bulletin boards at garage sales, usually for a buck a piece. It doesn't matter how bad they look, because they get covered. I usually add a thin layer of batting between the cork and the fabric. I staple the fabric onto the back with a staple gun. I then use the ribbon to add a grid design. I usually, much to my husband's dismay (he is a math teacher and enjoys precision!), eyeball the ribbon. I staple it on and staple where the pieces cross. And then hot glue a button over the staple. I glue some buttons to tacks too so they coordinate.

Here is a mail sorter or storer that I made from an old metal lunch pail. I added red and white polk-a-dotted round ball feet to this one, but took the picture before that. Unfortunately, I don't find too many of these lunch boxes. Keep your eyes open for junk that may help you become more organized.


  1. Great job!! Love little projects that make a big difference!!

    krai & kijsa

  2. Hello.I just ran across your blog for the first time.Im gonna have to make a couple of message boards like yours.Very good idea.I plan on creating my on blog as soon as I can find out how.Im new to all this computer stuff.I plan to check yours often for more great ideas.Thanks.

  3. Thanks Lee Laurie. My computer skills are limited too. I hope to "pump up" my blog more in the future. I am starting with the basics.

  4. That black toile and black frame is amazing! I'm really enjoying your blog today; keeps me occupied while at work!


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