Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who Knew?

Who knew that shoe forms and shoe stretchers (are they the same thing--I think one was used to make shoes and one is for keeping shoes formed correctly??) could be so versatile? Here are a couple of things I have done with some of them. The first is a desk organizer. You can stick pens and pencils in the holes, I screwed a memo clip on it for notes, and there is a place for mail. The second is nothing really new and I have made these before with three shoe forms in a row. I added an old doorknob in the hole that was already in the shoe form. This was a BIG form and it is heavy. I am stretching my brain for more ideas as I have become rather fond of these relics from the past (do any of you still use a shoe stretcher?). Share any ideas you may have.

Here is a cupboard I bought yesterday at a garage sale for $20. I tried to talk the gal down, but she didn't even want to sell it so she would not budge. I did get her to throw a few other things in for a buck though. The top is enamel and had rust on it, but cleaned up beautifully. I was going to leave it white, just sand off a little of the flaking paint. Then I decide to rub stain on it because it had awesome cracking paint and I wanted to show the cracks. But, it did not take the stain well-it looked dirty and UGLY, so now I am painting it red. I painted the back with chalkboard paint and am going to add wheels and a towel/book holder on the side to make a kitchen island. Tune in tomorrow (ok, or maybe the next day Ü) for finished pictures of this project.

Have a peaceful Sunday--take a little time for God, a little time for yourself, and a little time for your family. Might sound impossible, but just a little dab or so of those three will do wonders!


  1. I think the cabinet is a great find.It will make a very nice island.That was a good price you paid for it too.Dont you just love to find good stuff at good prices?Cant wait to see the finished project!

  2. Nice cabinet. Can't wait to see it the end results. I tried to apply stain to an old white window that had chippy paint on it, but it ended up looking dirty, just like you were talking about it. Why is that?

  3. Love the shoe form projects. I saw something else done with them today that I'll be working on soon. It's similar to your desk organizer, and yet it's not....???? The cupboard is great, can't wait to see it finished.

  4. One more thing. I'd love to use your desk organizer as this week's quick project. Can you drop me a note with some general instructions.

  5. Mara--I do not know why some things turn out that way. I use the same stain so I am not sure if the original paint I was using caused it or not. I definitely like the walnut color over colors like red and black (It makes black look great--I used it on the shoe form coat hook). I think I will try another warmer color for over white--maybe early american or pine. Margo--of course you can use the project Ü.


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