Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Look and See, Here is Project Three!

Happy Wednesday! Okay--is my rhyming getting to you? It is the preschool teacher in me-sorry. We awoke to a couple inches of snow AGAIN! Good golly-tomorrow is May Day and there aren't even any dandelions to put on someone's door (our first spring flowers). But I wasn't going to let the weather stop my quest to get a project done. I did have to do errands this morning--something about the family wanting to eat--so I didn't get going until this afternoon.

I started with a screen frame from a trash heap and a thin piece of plywood and some bead board (I forgot to put that in the picture).

I stuck with my blue theme. I don't know if it is my new favorite color, or if I am dreaming of the ocean, or if it just seems springy to me--but I can't get away from it this week. Also, I am out of red and black, my two other favorites for items. I am trying to complete this project week using only what I have on hand.

I painted the frame and the bead board. I used chalk board paint on the larger piece of board. I screwed these into the back, which helped the very loose and skiddy wompus screen frame. I cut a piece of garden fencing for the bottom and staple gunned this on. I added the painted sewing machine drawer and hooks. I love message centers--a place for keys, mail, messages, etc.

I also painted up that great suitcase I found. I love to sit these around and store magazines, blankets, anything in them!

Tune into tomorrow for project 4. It might be later than this when I post it--I have a busy day tomorrow. Night-night!


  1. Oh, my gosh. I love the message center. How cute! Did you put black underneath the blue? It looks like it. LOVE IT!

  2. While I love the message center, the painting on the suitcase is what caught my eye. What a talented painter you are!

  3. I really, really love the suitcase. You are a very talented painter. Sorry to hear about the snow. Even we're not dealing with that and we're in NY - you never know this time of year!

  4. Love the message center, can't wait for project #4. All I did today was make more faucet flowers.


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