Thursday, May 1, 2008

Project Number Four Made From and Old Barn Door

I told you this one would be later. Thursdays are mom's taxi days--take one to dance, pick up one from dance, take one to soccer, take one to driver's ed., pick up from soccer, pick up from driver's ed. Plus Thursdays are my busy preschool day. But, I got 'er done and even before it is midnight on the east coast.

I started with an old barn type of door that I got out of a ditch and a free ladder from a homemade swing set. I cut the ladder down, added a two by four across the top of the ladder to secure it and screwed it to the barn door. As you can see in the picture, part of the barn door was missing, so I had to saw some of it off.
barn door potting bench
I then added some board along the bottom part to steady the potting bench and another board across the rungs for a shelf. My original plan was to add a window frame to the back and put hooks on it, but all of mine were too big. Instead I used the wire garden fencing again. I clipped off some of the bottom wires, drilled holes through the table and put the remaining wires through the holes and secured them on the bottom. I added a faucet handle for a hook and will add another one when I find my box of them (Margo, have you seen them? Ü). I painted the herb sign on the part of the door I had to take off. I think I might still need to play with the paint treatment on the shelf and ladder, but I want to see it in the sunlight. I poly-urethaned the top. Oh and I curled up a few of the wire parts on the fencing to use as hooks too.

barn door potting bench Hopefully tomorrow's project will be completed earlier. Have a happy Friday!


  1. Another fabulous project! I just can't believe how unique and imaginitive they are. Great JOB!

  2. What impresses me is is not only how cute they turn out but how fast you whip em' together. You definitely have a gift for this. Good job!

  3. Oh my...I love it! I really wish we lived just a bit closer to one another. We'd have a blast creating things from one another's junk piles. You should see my basement. Maybe I should take a picture, at the risk of being completely embarassed that is!

  4. I love all of your projects. I will have to tell you that it brought me to tears to read that Jesus is first in your life. Isn't He awsome and aren't we lucky that He gives us such great ways to express ourselves. I look forward to your posts every day.


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