Sunday, May 4, 2008

Project Seven is Done--This Week Has Been Fun

Here it is--project 7-- I made it through my quest. I learned some things along the way: I have plenty of junk on hand to make a variety of projects, most projects take at least an hour longer than I plan, I have junk ADD-it is hard for me to focus on just one project at a time, but if I just set a goal for myself I can accomplish a lot and it really helps me to complete one project before starting another.

Project seven was done earlier this afternoon, but I sneaked off for a little girl time--chips and salsa and the Made Of Honor movie (it is cute and it aint the worse thing in the world having to look at Patrick Dempsy for a couple of hours Ü).

Project number seven is a couple of projects using a favorite of mine--picket fence. I took the pickets off and hammered out the nails. I cut the pickets down and gave them a light sanding. I kept the end pieces to make a few quick signs. I used the rail board from the fence to make a box for the table. I used cedar fence pieces for the top. They need to be sanded too because they are pretty rough. I used my favorite colors from the week and added the picket legs. I think it would make a great porch table or deck table.

For the second project I made a planter out of--drum roll please--a planter. I know--how extremely creative. I did make the planter, which I pulled out of the neighbor's trash, better by painting it that beachy blue and adding picket legs to it. I also made a topiary from a tomato cage and an insulator that I will put in a pot with vines. I wired the top of the tomato cage together and then used some epoxy to glue it on. I turned it upside down, or right side up as it was originally intended while the glue dried so that it didn't drip. I saw a similar idea somewhere, but I am sorry I can't remember where.
So there you have it--but wait, I have challenged myself again. But before you get too excited or have me committed, this week I plan on making 7 more projects, but little, smaller, accessory style projects, not furniture. I may not post every day, but I will at least every other, so check back to see some quick ideas! Have a happy Monday.


  1. WOW - I bet you feel great. I think you next challenge is very admirable... I will be watching in the wings.. LOL

  2. I love the planter.I can just picture beautiful flowers in it.I want to make one!

  3. I love your projects and am looking forward to more. I posted a tomato cage topiary but I like your use of the insulator for the top

  4. It's me again. Come visit my blog because I gave you an award.

  5. i found you through joy...I love your recycled picket fence table! It is so adorable! I will definately be on the lookout for my very own!

  6. wow! now i can make a project using my picket fence. your site was easy to find/ideas are sooo neat. the picket flower box and garden signs will make a big difference in my backyard design. blessings to you for sharing.


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