Saturday, May 3, 2008

Project Number Six is a Shutter Remix

First of all--let me say to anyone and everyone who has been in the path of these tornadoes this week, my prayers are with you. I complain and whine about the cold weather, but it is nothing compared to the destruction these tornadoes have left. I just couldn't imagine seeing your house in matchstick pieces. Know that no matter what, God is good and He can create good from bad.

I had to share some of my garage sale finds. I got some deals. See that brand new Liz Claiborne purse? $1, yes only $1. I spent $17.50 on all of this. See the cards on the cake plate (BTW--the cake plate is a joke gift for a friend, who will love it), I got a package of about 50 of those. What about that great watercolor that is signed and dated 1961? And those amazing hinges?

Now check out these stools and this little night stand I got for free. Yes, I said FREE! The little night stand is solid too.

Onto the project of the day. Here is project six inspired by Margo, aka Robolady. She does some amazing things with shutters. I think she could build a house entirely from shutters. Check her out at I forgot to take a before picture, but I did take this picture during the assembly process. Someone on HGTV boards asked the board one time who helps you assemble things. You sometimes have to get creative. A great set of clamps helps too!

Pretty basic assembly. The shelf boards are just miscellaneous pieces of wood that worked ( I did have to cut them to size.) There are a few oops with this project. Notice the bead board backing does not fit. I cut it too small and will need to buy more to replace it. I also did a rather big oops that I decided will be a design element--I put the shutter rungs facing opposite directions on each side. One faces up and one down. I really think it will take someone a while to even notice this. The legs came from the bundle I bought today. I still need to put a trim piece along the front edge--I am looking for the right one. I still need to touch up the screw heads--I used every bit of red paint. All in all, I am pleased with this. It was fairly easy and not too time consuming.

Tune into tomorrow for the last project in my quest. I would like to say I am going out with a bang, but I think it will be more of a "gentle" ending, i.e. not too exciting as I have a full day tomorrow. But still, come take a peek Ü.


  1. great project bec. Don't you just hate painting those shutters. I've done the oops, it's upside down thing too. Love the red. You go girl.

  2. You are in the home stretch! Gotta love the red!

  3. Great job, Bec. Can you tell me how you painted the red. I like the color. Did you paint another color under it or did you take some type of stain over it?

  4. Great project! I'm just loving these ideas.


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