Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Few Finds From Saturday and Locks of Love

Oh the postings have been sparse--so sorry! The brain has been preoccupied, mostly with Kade and all of that, plus car dealings from my wreck. There was some good news on Kade today and he is apparently shocking the nurses and doctors with his progress. He spoke for the first time today. God is good and He is working in Kade and our community.

I sold things at a friends community garage sale on Saturday. I managed to buy more than I made Ü. Here are a few of my finds. I got this dresser for $10. It is for my son's room and will be painted black and will get a new set of hardware. The bottom drawers are cedar lined and it is very well made. I love the surveyor's tri-pod and my favorite find was the vintage kitchen cupboard with the glass door that was only $15. It does have shelves for the inside--I took them out before I took the picture. I repainted the inside a fresh coat of white and the outside the ocean, cottagey blue I love so much. I forgot to take pictures of it afterwards--like I said I have been a little scattered.

I also loved the vintage Chinese checker set I got--it has all of the pieces. I hope to make it into a table this week with a little twist. I will remember to take pictures, I will remember...And that shiny thing is a vintage bread box in good condition. It has a little rust I need to remove.

My daughter cut her hair off for "Locks of Love" yesterday. The hairdresser (Shannon) put it on the pony tail and said, "This is going to be short." My daughter started crying. I told her we didn't have to do it--we could wait until it was longer. But she wanted to, so she dried her eyes and went for it. I love the short hairdo and no more tangles to deal with!

Have a great day!


  1. Im glad to hear that Kade is doing some better.I hope that he will continue to get better every day.
    That was very sweet what your daughter did for locks of love.I know that it makes her feel good to know that she is helping someone else with her thoughtfulness.
    Also,I love the little kitchen cabinet.It will really look great when you are finished with it.Take care.

  2. Awwww, what a little princess. She looks gorgeous with short hair. Tell her....it grows back and she's beautiful with and without it! Ok, so I'm so confused by the pictures of your winnings below. I've said before we have a lot in common, but seriously are they pictures that I took or you? I have that quilt (from Target?) in my guest room. Now I'm so confused!! Ha!

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  3. How wonderful of your daughter to be so giving! Please let her know how proud the blogging community is of her and, whether short or long-haired, she is gorgeous!

  4. That's so sweet. You must be very proud to have such a caring daughter.


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