Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Still Alive After Project Five

The rhymes are getting worse and this project was the most challenging for me. I am not sure why--it took the longest. Of course chatting with all of the neighbors walking by (and it was only 43 degrees--so why so many people were out I do not know!) did not help the time factor either.

I started with the second drawer that I found roadside and some various trim boards. I had fun picking out the boards, but none of mine had cool colors, so I had to fake that. My color inspiration came from some old croquet balls I wanted to use as feet. I slapped paint on the boards and then some stain. I made shelves and painted those up to. I made a frame to attach the boards to for the door. I really enjoyed the piecing of the trim boards. I swear the croquet balls were made of cement--they were so hard to drill through! A little hint--I hot glue things, like the croquet ball feet, just to secure them for when I screw them in. Hot glue dries so fast and works well for this purpose. I added the pointy croquet marker thingy for a a handle and a piece of the croquet mallet across the top. I think I will finish trimming out the top with mallet sticks, but I have to look at it for awhile. I did need hubby's help tonight getting the hinges on--I just couldn't use my forehead this time--and I had to wait for him to get home from pulling sprinkler pipe. I still need to get a hook to secure the door.

Here is the back of the cabinet. I used trim boards on it also to cover the bottom of the drawer. I am off in the morning to garage sales and then to work on another project. Hope you all have a great weekend--and keep checking back for the last two projects.



  1. Sharon would be proud!

    Very nice job!

  2. Superb! I cannot believe how fast you are working and what great projects you are creating. Kudos to you......


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