Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I must admit, I am not great at "being green!" In the words of Kermit the Frog, "It's not easy being green." Of course, we junkers do our part be recycling others' cast-offs. For example, I , along with my hubby's help, picked up a perfectly good dresser from the side of the road the other day. Now, by perfectly good, I mean in pieces because it probably fell off someone else's truck. But there are 2 solid drawers and the sides and top pieces that I will use for wood. Had I not picked it up, I am sure it would have sat for quite awhile cluttering up the roadside.

There are some little things I do around the house to help our earth. I buy Bounty select a size paper towels. I usually only use a half sheet which saves paper towels. We recycle, which may sound like nothing special, but here in Montana, there is no curbside recycling. I use all of my plastic food tubs (sour cream, yogurt, etc.), mostly for painting. The lids make great little pallets. I don't dry my clothes all the way, but hang them up when damp to finish drying. I keep the thermostat down and just put on an extra sweater. I use both sides of the paper when printing when I can. I use florescent light bulbs where I can stand it (I don't care what they say--the light is not the same!). I guess I am trying to say that we all can do something to help our planet and I believe every little bit helps.

Sorry, I can't seem to post any pictures tonight. I am not sure why,but I don't have the patience to figure it out. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you pictures of a project I am making with one of the roadside drawers. Happy day and do something green!


  1. I try to reuse everything that I can.One thing to recycle is babywipe containers.They are perfect for storing little stuff like markers,scrapbook stuff,coupons,etc.They stack up well too.Just the other day,I found two old porch swings at an old homesite.They were thrown in a burn pile waiting to be burned.I had to do a little begging to my boyfriend to pick them up.I think he thought I was crazy since neither one was usable by itself.But there were two of them!!I told him WE could take part of one and repair the other one!!He picked them up for me.I could tell he really didnt want to.Good thing I dont have a truck of my own...no telling what all goodies I would be picking up.Im gonna take before and after pictures and whenever I figure out how to set up my own blog,I will post them.

  2. I call our T2T hobby, Accidental Environmentalism. :)

  3. I do love the diaper wipe boxes and still have some that i use even though my baby is 6. Your boyfriend must be a keeper if he will dig in a pile for you, even if he didn't want to Ü. I would love to see your pics when you get them. Margo--that is a great name and i am going to remember that one!


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