Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am Through With Project Two & A Blissful Gift

Project number two is done and let me tell you, I am having a lot of fun thinking about what new project I am going to complete each day. Today I started with pieces of an old dresser that DH picked up for me from the side of the road (read about it in my earth day post). I used one of the drawers and one of the sides that some no doubt tormented teen wrote the words to a song on. I cut the side down to fit the top of the drawer. There was a routered edge on one side and I left this for the front edge.

I added legs the remainder of some table legs that I had cut short for another project. I took a tip from Sharon S. on the HGTV boards. I screwed the legs into a small block of wood first, and then screwed the block into the bottom of the piece. These were some of the sturdiest legs I have ever put on a piece without DH help so I will definitely use this same method in the future.
I then painted layers like I did in yesterdays project--brown, cream and then a sea glass blue. I like this blue better than the one I used yesterday. I mixed it up with the robin's egg blue I used yesterday and some light mossy green. One hint--when you custom mix colors make sure you make enough because it is extremely difficult to remix the same color. Unless you are into measuring or something--but this random girl is not! I used candle wax in between the layers and scraped them off. I used the walnut gel stain on the legs. I finished up with a maple stain and a coat of poly-acrylic.

I used a piano hinge on the back to put the lid on. I wish I could have taken a picture of myself doing that. My forehead was a very handing tool during this process. I used the walnut gel stain on the handles--they were brass original. I also re-attached them upside down from what they were originally.

I came home from preschool today to the nicest surprise--a gift from Abby at The Blissful. I had won a comment drawing from Abby's blog at http://theblissfulhome.blogspot.com/.
It was packaged beautifully with each gift individually wrapped and a fabulous Parisian card. Look at all of my goodies. They are wonderful. The creme brulee candle is to die for. My family was a little sad though because when they got home and smelled it, they thought I had baked something yummy for them. Abby also has a very helpful blog to inspire small business entrepreneurs. check it out at http://boutiqueindustry.blogspot.com/. Merci Abby!


  1. Is that a giant Fleur De Lis cookie cutter? Love it!

  2. That is such a good idea.Perfect to store things.Thanks for the helpful hint with the legs.Cant wait to see the next project.


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