Friday, August 3, 2012

Simple Junk

When you hear decorating with junk do you picture a room filled with rust and crust and chippy paint?  It doesn't have to look like a mini version of the local salvage yard.  You can use bits and pieces of junk to add a unique touch to your home without turning it into Fred Sanford's place.  Case in point this box and picture holder.
The box was a white box found at the thrift store.  I added some Florence chalk paint and a junky "handle" in the form of a spring I had.
I simply added a few screws to attach the spring (excuse the sawdust in the pictures) to the box lid.
And the picture of my dad from the Navy is held up by a door lock casing.
Simple junky touches to give your home a personality of its own, without overrustifying it!  Find more ideas at Donna's Funky Junk Interiors.


  1. Love your touches...especially the spring handle!

  2. OOhh! Cool boxes are so fun.
    I love Montana. Half my family has lived in the Bitteroot from years, some still do. The other half lived in the Flathead area. Beautiful country!!!

    1. opps! also wanted to say I love your blog!!!

  3. How clever to use the spring for the handle of a box. Beautiful color, too.


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