Monday, August 27, 2012

Rustic/Industrial Style Drawer

Using another waterbed drawer purchased by my husband (see my first transformation here) I made a more rustic/industrial looking ottoman.  Not sure if rustic/industrial is a defined style with authentic decorating gurus, but it works for me.
I added wheels to this one instead of legs,
a leather belt handle,
and a heavy wood top that I stained dark.
I made the lid the same as the last one, with 2x4's inside to create a tight fitting lid.
I used some muted Annie Sloan paint colors on this drawer to complete the rustic/industrial look. 


  1. I'm a new follower and love seeing what creative things you've done. This ottoman is fantastic.

  2. I sure like it. I like it enough to pin it for it's creativity. Or in case I run across waterbed drawers.


  3. Love it, love it even more because of ASCP!

  4. This is genius!!!! Looks really great:) Man, I need to get some ASCP!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star


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