Friday, June 28, 2013

Blue Bench

Just a simple bench today,
easy construction,
a little white and blue paint,
some sanding and stain was all it took to create a shabby little perch.

I know, my flowerbeds are in terrible shape--so much stinkin' grass that I did spend days pulling a month or so ago.  What do you know?  It grows back--especially when it rains for 3 weeks.  Oh well, I love my flowers, stray grass and all.


  1. Simple but cute! Love the colours and the aged over time look.

  2. Love it! I need something like this to use as a plant stand on my porch.

  3. I just love that kind of old perfect finish bench. We used to make lots of benches, was our best seller. Think hubs needs to make some out of pallets we've collected.
    You have a pretty yard, green and full of flowers. It's very dry here (western CO) and we have an excess amount of alkali out here (about 18 miles west of Grand Junction)so it's hard to grow many things. We're never happy with what we've got are we, lol.
    I still miss our gorgeous green yard and lots of flowers and plants from our house out in country north east of Bowling Green, KY where we lived before here. The climate didn't agree with me there but I loved our yard, trees, all of it and our house. It's super expensive here for property, ridiculous compared to KY also. Happy summer


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