Thursday, June 20, 2013

Salvaged Star Door Decor

My poor front door has been bare since after Easter decor came down.

I know, the shame of it all!

I remedied that today by making this little, scrappy star.
salvaged wood, star, front door, 4th of july decor, summer, beyond the picket fence,
I wanted it to look hobbled together so I used 5 different salvaged pieces.
reclaimed wood, front door, fourth of july, star, summer decor, porch, chippy paint, beyond the picket fence,
I needed a few pieces with some flexibility thus the trim piece and the yardstick.
star decor, reclaimed wood, summer porch, beyond the picket fence,
A bit of jute and a book cover tag 
rustic decor, star, front door decoration, reclaimed wood, beyond the picket fence,
painted on both sides in case it turns in the wind.
salvaged star, reclaimed wood, summer decor, front porch, chippy paint, beyond the picket fence,
Scrappy, simple--just my style,
rustic decor, chippy paint, reclaimed wood, star, beyond the picket fence,
and my front door can show her face again.
salvaged star, beyond the picket fence, summer decor,
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  1. Becky
    I LOVE IT!!! I love salvaged wood and this was so perfect. Hope your summer so far is lovely and relaxing!


  2. Great idea Becky... I've got a lot of long pieces, I'm going to go with your inspiration!

  3. How cool! Everyone at school was making the ones with the rulers, but I like your scrappy version better.

  4. This is darling! Thanks for sharing, Patti

  5. Love this salvaged star Becky, it is wonderful!

    xo, Tanya

  6. Ok now I have to make one of your stars. Absolutely love the rusticity of your star, it's perfect. I'll be out scrounging in our wood supplies tomorrow. Hubs always says I can't put the grayish stuff that's been out in weather with better stuff, watch me old man. I'm still convincing him bout distressing.
    What a fantastic idea to mix whatever you had to make the star, I love that.
    Enjoy your new star. Happy Summer

  7. I love the use of the different woods and the ruler! Love it! I have been making protection stars out of wooden canes with thistles and rosemary on them to protect my boys from Bad dreams and protect them while they sleep. It is something I do each summer solstice xx I am now thinking of a permanent one over my front & back door thank you to your lovely wooden one xx

  8. I am digging through my scrap pile when I finish commenting. This is seriously distressed and I am loving it!

  9. I love the rustic look of your star! I need one!!!

  10. I LOVE that star! What a great use of bits "n pieces!

  11. I need to brace the bottom of my shed doors. Think I'll use this idea, will bring some color into the little wood shingled "sort of cottage". A great way to use scraps and love your idea.

  12. This one is awesome too!! I really need to search out some more scrap wood...

  13. I ABSOLUTELY love this idea! I'll be scrounging through my husbands workshop tomorrow so I can make one too! THANKS!

  14. Love this! May I ask what you used to hold it together? Nails? Glue? Staples? I'm new to this!


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