Monday, June 3, 2013

Roadside Rescue

Sweet hubby picked up this roadside table for me.  See the lovely brass strip on it and the smoked glass insert?  
I decided to get a little funky with it, doing a sort of, kind of, faux verdigris treatment.  Originally I was going to do something else so I painted it with Annie Sloan cream paint.  This step is not necessary.  Because you want the under color to look like it was copper, I painted it orange.  You could use a copper spray paint too.
I stained the orange to make it look darker, more like copper.
I then use light blue (duck egg), turquoise and bright green and dabbed it over the orange, brushing it in some places, stippling it in others. I also painted the glass insert.

When that was dry I painted a white wash over it all.  This is really watered down paint--75% water at least.  I blot this with a rag.
I sanded next.  When I sanded the stain came off the orange :(.  If I had waited 24 hours before painting the blues and greens over the stained orange paint I think it would have been okay.  After sanding I used Annie Sloan dark wax, leaving it uneven and blotchy in some spots.

The dated leg style looks much better.
I copper leafed the glass inset. 
I wanted to leave a few spots unleafed (I am sure that is a word) that is why I painted the glass. I applied some dark wax over the leaf--gently with a soft cloth and then sealed it with a clear sealer.
Like I said, funky, but oh so much better and I think it looks rather high end now.

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  1. The color layers are just beautiful! Like an old patina. Love it!

  2. Love the update Becky, Great info on the layers you created also.

  3. This is fantastic! WOW! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. I'm unfamiliar with the glass technique. Can you please tell me what product you used and how it works. I detest glass in tables and refrain from buying any, but this is a good alternative. I just don't know how to do it. Thanks!!

  5. I am blown away with how you transformed that table. Thank you for including the different steps that you went through. I love seeing the transformation in progress. What paint did you use on the glass? I love what you have done with this table.

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