Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Old Glory

My scrap wood playing continues.  I love hunting in my piles, using up what I have.  This time it resulted in a chippy, rustic version of Old Glory.
I used pieces that were already painted red or white for the stripes.You can find my "How dI'd you paint that? " tutorial in my side barbirvon my tutorial page. I had a blue chunk that only needed a star painted on it. 
A piece of picket fence, some trim boards, pallet wood, barnwood--
I put it all together with some boards screwed in on the back.
Long may she wave.
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  1. I love what you are doing with the scrap wood, it all looks fanastic!


  2. Oh I love the rustic feel! Perfect for a summer mantel!

  3. You must have the funnest scrap wood pile! This turned out so cute!!

  4. Rustically simple & beautiful. I love this :)

  5. Truly love this flag. I'd keep it up all year!

  6. I really love your Old Glory Becky! Thanks for sharing, Patti

  7. Every single thing that you post, inspires me! I have a stack of pallets, waiting to be taken apart. You are soooo talented. Thanks for sharing your ideas's with us!

  8. O like your wooden flag
    I have an old tin flag I bought years ago at a yard sale, it was painted on a piece of roofing tin off an old barn
    I still have it hanging on my wood fence

  9. I LOVE this! This is a great project with so much character. It's very inspiring! I'm subscribing, pinning, and I know I'll be hanging out here for a while!

  10. Love your past 3 posts. Pinned them all and am drooling!

  11. I love it. What were your finished dimensions?


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