Saturday, June 29, 2013

Salvaged Star, XXL Version

I made the BIG MAN'S size of my salvaged star.
Again, I used 5 different types of salvaged wood for a scrappy look.  (To see how I painted the pieces SEE THIS POST) I screw the pieces together both from the front and the back.  Remember at least a few of the pieces need to be flexible and have a little give.
Trim board, pallet wood, crown molding, tongue and groove paneling, and barnwood.
Sorry, I was too hot and tired...okay, too lazy to stage this before I packed it in the car to sell at Farmer's Market so you get it plopped in the flower bed.


  1. I love the mix of color and the different types of wood! Nicely done Becky!

  2. Love your star to pieces, love all the pieces, different colors. It's so great. Love rugged so much. Must have my hubs make one. The mixes of wood types is perfect.

  3. I just LOVE it...The wood the color everything!! Nicely Done!!

  4. Hi,I've had you in my bookmarks for a while now and dropped by a few times. I just wanted to say I love your star, I've pinned it and I want to feature it on my blog this Thursday. Hope that's ok!


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