Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lemonade Lodge

Mmmm, doesn't a weekend at Lemonade lodge sound lovely?  A cozy place in the woods where lemonade of all types and varieties are served to you all day long in tall icy glasses?

This Lemonade Lodge is a little different, but just as fun ;).  I made this for my friend's son, my friend that gives me all of his wonderful barnwood scraps and leftovers.  I used some of those "scraps" to create this lemonade stand.
I started with pallet 2x4's and built two rectangles.  I connected these with a cupboard door chalkboard across the front.  I used pallet wood to make a bottom shelf
and a shelf in the middle.
It was pretty darn sturdy at this point, but adding the outside boards completed the sturdiness factor. I didn't take any more process pictures, but it is pretty simple construction.  I used barnwood and some half round peeled branch pieces (I don't know what they are called) my friend had given me.  I screwed the boards in and used a nail gun on the half round pieces. 
The back or inside has some great storage.
I then made the sign part using two long barnwood trim pieces and a pallet to keep it light.  I painted the lemonade freehand.
I used leather belt pieces and a block of the half round on the sides of the stand to hold the sign in place.  I like to make the lemonade signs removable for easier storage.
I created a little napkin holder from some of the leftover half round
and used a camping tin cup for the straws.  
Locking wheels and a rusty hook on the side for a towel completed the stand.

Lemonade anyone?

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  1. That is the cutest thing ever! Love how that turned out.

  2. That's the cutest, beats the little card table we used to use as kids! LOL! I love it! Julia

  3. So cute! I'll bet the little guy loves it!

  4. that's a fun project! Lucky little fella that gets this!



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