Monday, July 1, 2013

You Have Questions!

I am in the woods somewhere, by a lake, "roughing" it...
Thought it would be a great time to answer some of your questions.  Number one question still is, "What paint technique did you use?"  Refer to this post:
And what colors do I use?  I change them all the time--mix and match.  My best advice is to peruse the paint chips at your favorite paint store.
Where do you get your wood/ barnwood?  Much of the wood I use is from pallets--find pallets at hardware stores, cart part places, plumbing supply.
I was blessed to be given a few lovely loads of barnwood from a friend.  If you are not so lucky, find different friends ;)!  You can search the countryside for falling down buildings and ask the owner for the wood--some will give it to you for a fee, some are happy to have you remove the dilapidated building.
Also be on the look out for fences coming down--cedar stains beautifully,
or old play structures/ swingsets.
How did you build that?  Almost all of my construction is simple and easy and starts with a 2x4 rectangle.  Check out my tutorials listed above--once you build one or two, your creativity will soar.
How did you letter that?  Some simple signs are hand lettered,
Sometimes I use pencil or chalk to transfer the design as I show here
Sometimes I use stencils
And sometimes I use vinyl on my cricut like in this prayer sign.
Hope that answers a few questions--I know you will have more!  Happy Day!


  1. Love everything you paint and build Becky...
    Hope you're having a great vacation!

  2. Becky, I love this blog! Just signed up to receive your new posts, you are very creative. I am wondering what kind of nail gun you use? My husband hates working with the pallets we have (he gets them sometimes in his business) because the wood is so hard. Is there a certain nail gun that works better than others? I love the sawsall idea to get them apart. Thanks!


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate your kind words!