Thursday, March 3, 2016

Rustic Coat Hooks

Y'all, more and more I am becoming a lover of wood and it's natural beauty.  Case in point, these coat hooks I just made.
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I loved this wood that I used as is, rough and lovely with character earned over many years.
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I often get asked where I get my reclaimed wood.  I am very lucky to have a good friend who is cabinet maker and he uses all reclaimed wood.  He gives me his scraps.  
reclaimed wood, rustic decor, coat hooks, cabin decor, barnwood,
The pieces are often cracked and small chunks, but perfect for my projects.  Pieces like this gorgeous hunka, hunka burning love.  I glued and clamped it back together. I added a shelf on top and some hooks.
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I paint these iron hooks white and add a little cinnamon for a rusty effect.
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This piece of wood still has some bark on the edges.
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The coat hook on the left here was made like others I have done (see HERE).  I just left the wood natural.
rustic decor, barnwood, coat hook, build it, rusty paint, cabin decor,
By the way, sorry about the display style of these.  I still am trying to keep my walls as hole free as possible. I am working on some new display walls that I can beat the heck out :)!
barnwood, rustic coat hook, cabin decor,
These rustic beauties are headed to my next show in Billings, MT.


  1. Those are very cool. I gotta be honest though. On the hunka one I think the hooks detract from the beauty of the wood. I think I would prefer black or maybe a hammered metal bronze so that the wood is really the featured star.

  2. Thanks Deb, I might agree with you. Maybe I will change them out for some rusty ones.

  3. Beautiful! I think they all look great but love the framed out version on the left!

  4. "Hunka Hunka burnin' love." :)

  5. Those look great! Loving all the wood texture.


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