Monday, March 7, 2016

Rustic, Barnwood Hall Tree

If you sell, you must build.  And sell I have been doing, which is great!  And building is what I have been doing, which is also good.  But, I seem to be staying only one short step ahead of the game.  And so for the last month I have been selling items over the weekend, usually on Sundays and then I do the mad dash build on Sunday nights.

During the week I have been focusing on smaller things for my upcoming show.  That needs to change.  Anyway, this is what I built last night, a rustic, barnwood hall tree.
hall tree, rustic, barnwood, reclaimed wood, hooks, organization, bench, shelf,

And I did not stop to give you a tutorial and I took pictures of it in my mudroom on the small wall between my coat closet and half bath.
rustic, barnwood, barn dor, hall tree, coat hooks,
But, here it is, none the less.  I started by joining three pieces of 6' lighter weight barnwood for the back.  I added a cross bar piece of wood across the bottom of the boards on the back and a very rustic cross piece on the front.  I added rusted hooks to the front piece and found a board for a shelf.  The shelf board didn't even have to be cut--it was the perfect size!
coat hook, rust, rustic hall tree, shelf,
I made the bench part from some hefty barnwood pieces and then I attached it to the back piece.
rustic hall tree, barn door, barnwood, coat hook, storage,
I cut a board at a 30 degree angle to use diagonally on the front to make it look like a barn door. A coat of clear polyacrylic finish completed this rustic hall tree.
rustic hall tree, barnwood, barn door, build it, DIY,
Now to go build some more big pieces so I can hopefully get a wee bit farther ahead!


  1. Absolutely Love this Build! Ii can't wait for your next projects and I love that they aren't super complicated...maybe something I can do! thank you Becky - you are awesome!! and hey I love the little stuff too!

  2. I love, love, love this! The barn door look. The wood it's made out of. The functionality of it. Every little thing. It's amazing. I need one. Where can I get my hands on some cool wood like that? Great job Becky.

    1. Thank you Deb. Look in your newspaper for barnwood, ask around, look for barns falling down.

  3. What a beautiful piece, you did an amazing job. I would love something like that at my door.

    Have a great week, Kelly.


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