Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Shabby, Rustic Table

I KNOW I took a before picture of this table...BUT, I can't find it.  So close your eyes and picture a shiny, formica, fake wood top, dark avocado green stained legs and lots of grime and gunk courtesy of many years of use no doubt.

Got that image?  Now, open your eyes and see how I transformed this sad seventies table.
end table, rustic, barnwood, shabby, chippy, upcycled, repurposed,
I removed the formica top, and added reclaimed barnwood.

rustic table, barnwood, end table, upcycled,
I painted the legs with white semi gloss latex paint, 2 coats,
rustic table, shabby, barnwood, upcyled, chippy paint,
and then sanded it off to make it chippy, shabbylicious.
shabby, rustic, end table, barnwood, chippy, upcycled, end table,
I love the look of the rustic wood with the white legs,
shabby, rustic, end table, barnwood, reclaimed wood, upcycled,
and am happy that I could revive this forgotten, thrift store table.


  1. Love the turned legs. Really visually interesting.

  2. Thank you Deb! I am really into the rustic wood and white these days.

  3. Hi Becky, I stopped by Talk of the Town and noticed your adorable side table so I had to stop by for a visit. I absolutely love the wood and white together. Would have loved to see the before but I'll just have to visualize with your description.

  4. The table is beautiful :) I am curious what are the candlesticks upcycled from....the 3 pieces of decor on top of the table....candlesticks?


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