Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reclaimed Wood Art

I had a little time to myself the other evening when no one was home and I decided to use it to "play" in the workshop. 

This rustic, boho inspired art piece made from reclaimed wood was the result of that creative time.  

rustic boho art made from reclaimed scrap wood

I am calling it God's eye because it reminds me of the yarn and stick creations called God's eyes that I loved to make as a kid.

I started with some scrap boards and decided to cut 60 degree angles.  
rustic art made from reclaimed, salvaged wood
I then knew to make the pieces come together I had to cut a 30 degree angle on the other end, in the shape of a trapezoid. I measured and fit the other pieces.
scrap wood makes a large boho rustic art piece
I cut a diamond for the middle, it was cut with 60 degree angles on all four sides.
diamond art made from barn wood
I decided to attach the boards to a background made from three boards.
I joined the boards with the frame.  After I had the frame on I decided i wanted to paint the background white to make both the frame and the diamond pop (in the future I will do this BEFORE I attach the frame boards). 
use miter saw to cut angles for reclaimed wood art
I painted the diamond boards using THIS paint technique.
paint technique using minwax stain to give an authentic chippy paint finish
I secured the diamond to the background using the airgun/brad nailer. I sanded everything and used Golden Oak Minwax stain over everything.  I made the art so it can hang either portrait or landscape orientation.  
hang art either portrait or landscape orientation
The final piece is about 38" x 24"--nice size for above a fireplace!
use scrap wood to make a rustic wood sign


  1. You created something really nice just playing in the work shop! I remember making the yard and stick art when I was young, but I never knew it was called God's eye.

    1. Thank you! That is the name I always knew for them, maybe because I first learned to make them at VBS.

  2. Oh heavens! It's gorgeous!! I really love the shape and colors you used. It really is something beautiful to behold!!


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