Friday, February 10, 2017

Vintage Table Updated with Paint

So, as I shared in my last post (HERE) there are a few things I have learned about thrift store shopping over the years.  Another thing I have learned is that right before you checkout, you should take one more pass through your favorite section (furniture for me) because most thrift stores are constantly putting fresh items out. 
before photo of funky vintage foyer table

The other day on my final pass through I found this vintage table just being placed on the floor at the thrift store.  I took it from the employee's hands and thanked him.

I love the funky, vintage style of this occasional, lamp, foyer (what do YOU call it??) table. It is sturdy, but rough.
funky thrift store vintage table upcycled with paint
Nothing that a little sanding and paint wouldn't fix!  

I painted it with grey tinted KILZ primer and then with the same grey paint I used on my built in bookshelf (HERE)--Livingston Gray from Pratt and Lambert.
vintage lamp table painted with latex paint
I sanded some of the paint off the edges and then used Minwax Early American stain over the paint.  
table top details stand out with MinWax stain
A final coat of Minwax Polyacylic finished this awesome table.  I wish I could find one like it online so I could date it--I am guessing the seventies.
cute vintage seventies round table from the thrift store
I love the base on it--so boho hip!
boho vintage table with farmhouse style
Oh, and check out this awesome lamp that I also found on a final walk through at the local thrift store.  I could tell it was old based on the cord and plug, the weight of it, and the tarnished brass.  It still has a label on the base so I was able to find it online.  It is a vintage Frederick Cooper apothecary floor lamp.  I saw it online anywhere from $365 to $1500!! Woo-hoo, I paid $6.99 for it.  I thought I might paint it copper, but now that I know what I have, I am keeping it the incredible tarnished brass that it is.
vintage Frederick Cooper Floor Lamp from the thrift store
What are your latest thrift store finds?


  1. Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE it! It is so unique. Your makeover on it turned out beautifully. How on earth did you sand those turned legs? Have been cruising through lots of thrift stores recently & haven't lucked out with any unique furniture finds. I'll try your suggestion of the final pass through. Wish me luck.

    1. Deb, thank you! I didn't really sand the legs before painting them, that is why I used a primer. Good luck! Thrift stores are definitely hit or miss. I have had good luck lately!

  2. I am not allowing myself to go thrifting until I clear out some stuff but I love finding the old furniture and checking the history. Your table is very unique and cool looking. I love the update.

    1. Good plan! I am pretty good at not hoarding too much. If I can't or don't think I will update it soon and use it or sell it, I don't buy it. I try really hard to not do the, "It is a great deal so I will buy it and get to it some day," thinking.

  3. The shape of that table is fabulous. Never saw anything like it.

    If I ever found a lamp like that you can bet I'd be selling it. LOL.

    1. Ha-ha, not sure if anyone around here would pay a good price for the lamp. I needed a new floor lamp anyway!

  4. Love what yu have done with this great find.


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