Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crates Made From Reclaimed Wood

I am prepping to take over the front display in April at The Antique Barn where I have a booth.  For an extra fee, dealers can rent the front display for a month, which gives us great exposure.  I decided on a spring and gardening theme and have been busy building to stock the space Friday morning.
make crates for the garden from reclaimed pallet wood

I built three garden crates the other night in about an hour (and then it took about another hour to paint and finish them).

pallet wood and reclaimed trim crate DIY
I used pallet wood for the top and bottom crate and wood that I think was the trim in our old schoolhouse.

The building is simple and I didn't pause to take step by step photos. Each crate is a little different size--it just depended on the boards I found to work with.  
use reclaimed pallets to make crates for the garden

The fun part was finishing them.  I left the crate made from the old trim board as is, it was already stained a green color that I liked for the garden display.

old sign stencils create a vintage crate made from reclaimed wood
I stenciled the top and bottom one (after painting the top one a light green).  I used Old Sign Stencils on the larger crate--creating the word seeds from the potting shed stencil.
stencil pallet crates to create vintage style seed boxes
Individual letter stencils created the sweet pea seeds "crate stamp" on the smaller crate.
use reclaimed wood crates in the garden to hold plants
I stained the crates and added handles and then used a clear coat on them to seal the wood.  These will make great plant holders or will look cute holding garden tools and supplies.


  1. Great, Becky, hope your month goes well for you!

  2. I love building crates with left over wood - I'm feeling like a building binge is coming on inspired by these. Great examples!Love the spring and gardening theme very inviting.


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