Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Verses

God heals our broken lives and uses them to help others
Happy Sunday!  I am in the business of broken things.  I take furniture and scrap wood that others see as useless and worthless and I repair and change them and make them useful again. God is in the same business.  He loves broken people because he knows that he can utilize us to help others who are broken.  God works with our shattered spirits and flaws and develops them into strengths. There is example after example in the Bible of flawed folks (Moses, Abraham, Job, Samson, Rahab, Noah, Jeremiah, Peter, Martha, Paul) that God worked with to transform lives. God does not want to wait until we have it all together to help others.  He wants us to share our stories of brokenness to display his redemptive power.  Our stories reach people who need to know what God can do.  Give God your broken pieces and allow him to heal and use them.


  1. Oh what a beautiful post today on the Lord's day! I was so touched and inspired by your words! God certainly can use any piece or anyone to do something great!

    God's Blessings! Net

  2. I love your Sunday verses, Becky! Always so uplifting and make me feel better. God bless you :)


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