Friday, March 31, 2017

Vintage Seed Packet Sign

When I go pallet picking, well, I am picky.  I know what I like and what works and what doesn't.  I always like to grab a few pallets made from thinner hardwood because they are perfect for signs.  

use pallet wood to make a vintage style sign

I left these pallet boards the length that they came--30" and joined them together with two pallet boards secured perpendicularly with screws on the back.  I used stencils for the lettering,
reclaimed wood hand painted garden sign
and hand painted the radishes, i.e. early white turnips.  Gallatin is the name of our county so it seemed like a good name for the seed company.  
vintage inspired seed packet garden sign
It is hanging in the front display that I am renting for the month at the Antique Barn in Gallatin Gateway, MT.  (I will show you more of the display next week 😉.) I used a light, golden oak stain over the whole sign and a matte polyacrylic to finish it (affiliate link-- BUY HERE ).  I like the matte because it protects, but doesn't make the sign too shiny to read when it is hanging on the wall.


  1. Very creative with the seed company name Becky. So cute too.


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