Thursday, March 16, 2017

Picket Fence Made From Pallets

use pallet wood to make a picket fence for your porch
Okay, it was 60 degrees today--definitely time to take the pallet Christmas tree and red snow shoes off the front porch.

I shared the spring decor I added to our breezeway porch HERE
paint a chair sunny yellow for the front porch
In my defense, the breezeway porch is the one everyone uses and guests rarely come to the front porch, especially in the winter.  But, March and 60 degrees meant that it was time to put away the last of the winter decor and add something new for spring. 
use pallet wood to make an easy picket fence section

I decided to make a little picket fence section from pallet wood.

cut pallet boards at 45 degree angles with miter saw to make pickets
Start with six 48" x 3 1/2" pallet boards.  Cut five of them to 36" tall.  Cut points or pickets on one end, at 45 degree angles.
join pallet pickets with a cross board and screws
I cut two 20" pieces from the sixth pallet board to join the pickets together.  I screwed two screws through the cross boards to attach each end picket and one screw to attach the middle three boards.
dry brush white paint for a weathered paint finish
I lightly sanded the boards and stained them with Early American Minwax stain.  I then dry brushed a little white on it.  I didn't want too much white since I knew I would be setting the picket fence section next to my white house.
stencil a potting shed sign for spring porch decor

I painted a sign to hang on the fence.  

stencil a sign to make a weathered vintage sign
I used the same yellow (faded sunlight) I used on the chair on the breezeway porch and stenciled it with the Potting Shed stencil from Old Sign Stencils.  I first painted the stencil with white, but it was hard to see so I redid it with green.  I then brushed the sign with polyacrylic before the green the paint was completely dry.  It took a little of the green off and I love the faded, weathered look it created.
make a pallet picket fence for spring porch decor
I set the pallet picket fence on my old green wagon and added a metal milk box, pail and nest.  I will replace the milk box with potted flowers in a few months.

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  1. I love it. I build picket fence stuff myself occasionally. Anything with a country vibe is right up my alley! I even built myself a picket fence headboard years ago. I put the screws on the wrong side though & have been meaning to fix it for ages. Oops!

    1. Thanks Deb! I kept the screws on the outside because I figured a fence would.

  2. I love the yellow potting sign you made & added:) It makes me happy!


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