Friday, April 28, 2017

Farmhouse Work Table

When you get the phone call saying you sold some bigger pieces in your antique booth, what do you do?  Why, quickly build something new of course!  

So, after looking at the wood supply that was in the workshop, I decided to come up with a farmhouse style work table. 

farmhouse work table made from reclaimed wood

I had four 8" wide, 1 1/4" thick pine boards that had already had a trip through the planer.  I knew it would make great table sides or legs, especially since I wanted to paint the sides--the smooth finish was great for this.  I cut 30 degree angles and joined the boards together with 2" x 2"'s, that also formed the shelf braces.
reclaimed pine used to build a farmhouse work table
I made the table 32 inches tall--perfect for working at.  I did not take any more pictures because I was in the quick build mode.  But I added 36" long pallet boards for the shelves.
pallet wood makes great farmhouse style shelves
I used reclaimed barnwood for the top.  I included four angle braces at the top--these always help greatly to square and sturdy up a piece.  
reclaimed barn wood makes a great table top for a farmhouse table

I painted the sides with a very light green first and then a farmhouse green.  I sanded a lot of the paint off and then used stain over the whole thing.

chippy painted sides on a farmhouse style table
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johnsons paste wax on furniture
I finished it with Johnsons Paste Wax (BUY HERE)  It gives it the most lovely, buttery finish and helps to create an aged feel and appearance to the piece. This table would make a nice island or work table in a craft room.


  1. Love it! Nice looking & oh so functional.

  2. I really like this, we have a similar building style and I'm thinking something like this would be perfect for my new workshop. Just a little wider but I love all the under table storage.


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