Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Make a Potting Bench from a Screen Door

old screen door makes a great potting bench

An old screen door with a broken screen makes a great potting bench or hall tree with a few additions!

spring display with a potting bench upcycled form an old door
I started by making a rectangle or table apron with some scrap boards (an old door jam).  I made the front apron piece the width of the door.  I "tucked" the back apron piece between the two side pieces (i.e., the front board is longer than the back board).
old door jam is used to make a table apron
I added front legs made from 2"x 4" 's. 
2 x 4 table legs
I attached a board near the bottom of the door (10" up from the bottom) and one 10" up on the legs.  Note--the table part is upside down or reversed in this picture.  
add cross boards for a shelf bracket on a potting bench
I then attached the table part to the door by screwing through the back board on the rectangle.  I used pallet boards for the bottom shelf.
pallet wood makes a shelf on a potting bench

I also used pallet boards for the top of the table or bench.  I made a little shelf to go across the top of the door.

add a top shelf to a potting bench

I added some hooks on the door and one on the front leg.  I also included a bottle opener because a cold drink is always appreciated after playing in the dirt. I kept the wood natural and finished it with a clear coat.
spring display including a potting bench made from a screen door
I would hang a flowering potted plant in the window opening part.  I only got pictures of  the potting bench in the front display of The Antique Barn where I sell.  You can see some of the other things I have added to the display.  The vintage suitcase painted with BLOOM would be super cute on a front porch. You can also see this great, green, vintage folding table I bought at the thrift store and the kids toy bench (that never had a lid) that I transformed into a planter.
vintage suitcase makes a cute sign for a porch


  1. Oh how I love this idea! Id have to say its time for me to get busy. :)

  2. If anybody could make what you did out of old screen door, it's you Becky, awesome. Love how your mind works and how your potting bench looks. Will you keep it? Hanging plant from inside area where screen was is great idea.
    Enjoy rest of week and weekend

    1. Thank you! No I am not keeping it, I am selling it. I have pallet work tables in my green house that I use for planting.

  3. Well, this is cute! I love that you totally reformed the door into something brand new!

  4. Wow.....what a great find and a fantastic renovation to it!!!
    Nicely done.
    diane @ thoughts&shots


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