Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Verses

Happy Sunday!  I have been busy--busy building and parenting and "doing".  In all the busyness, the doing of things that needed to be done and the thinking of the things that didn't get done, but should have, I started thinking about and thanking God for the gift of his  grace.  Each week on Sundays I suggest ways to apply God's word to our lives by trusting and praying and giving our stresses to God. These are tools and ways of living that make life easier.  But our salvation is not earned or something that we can work hard for or gain by "doing".  Our salvation is a gift that comes from Christ alone when we believe in him.  Busy is fine, working on living out God's plan is great, but let's rest in remembering that we do not have to work for his grace. 

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  1. I went to church today & felt so thankful to be there to worship & thank Him for His mercy & grace. It was palm Sunday & I would gladly raise my palm to welcome Him.


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