Monday, April 3, 2017

More Relationship on More Mondays

simple ideas to have a better life
Hello to the small, but classy group that is still with me on MORE Mondays.
winnie the pooh quote about building relationships

Last week was a great time to review and redefine goals (SEE POST HERE!).  
Today we are going to focus on having more and/or better relationships with people.

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This is a weird area for me.  You see, I have recently decided I am an extroverted introvert or visa versa.  
four year old me who needed preschool
When I was four my mom felt I needed to go to preschool because I wasn't social and was quite content to play in my bedroom all by myself.  We often joke that she definitely got her money's worth as I became quite the social butterfly.

I have always had a lot of friends and have enjoyed gatherings with crowds of people. Except, I am also quite happy at home.  I can hole up and hang out with myself for several days in a row (by myself during the day, I am with my family in the evenings).

And as some dear friends have moved away, I have been content to not find new ones and to not foster new friendships.  But, I know having relationships is important and good for us.  God created us for relationship with Him, first and foremost, AND with others.

Life gets busy and people are challenging and often times it seems easier to just do life in isolation.  We get offended and we offend others, people parent differently, have different political views, different religious views, and all of a sudden we are not engaging with others. To top it off, we are spending our time on "social" media, which really isn't that social at all, or at least not relational.  
Trying to build and create new relationships is scary and makes us vulnerable, but it is also so very important--to our health, to our happiness, to getting MORE out of life. 

Print out the "worksheet" HERE and this week, let's put ourselves out there and take ONE step towards having better relationships.  Let me know what you are working on!


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