Thursday, April 20, 2017

Live Edge Reclaimed Wood Table

A new load of reclaimed barn wood means I get to play in the workshop.  
load of reclaimed salvaged barn wood

I got three long hunks of reclaimed, live edge wood and decided one need to be used as a sofa table (or entry table).

live edge reclaimed wood sofa table

I did not do a tutorial on this because I made it up as I went along, ha-ha! My thoughts were that I would put a wood X between the sides on the legs, but after I put the legs together (they are 10" wide) I decided it was too narrow of a space for an X.
mission style oak live edge table
I went with two boards, giving it sort of a mission style.  
lived edge barn wood table with Minwax stain
I also planned on having an apron or board lengthwise across the front and back.  I cut the boards and as I went to put them on, I realized the live edge table top was not going to be wide enough on one end to cover the apron, so I eliminated that.

A live edge piece that I had worked well as a bottom shelf.
use minwax stain to bring out reclaimed wood's natural beauty
I finished the piece with a good sanding and MINWAX Early American stain and polyacrylic.
Live edge barn wood sofa table
The stain wasn't too dark to hide the natural beauty of the wood, but dark enough to give the table a nice, "high-end" look.
soafe table made from reclaimed live edge wood

These skinny sofa or entry tables work great in so many places.  The live edge table is headed to my antique booth--I hope it finds a happy home soon!


  1. You're not keeping this one? It's sooo beautiful! You must have some beautiful furniture in your house as you are so talented & creative.

    1. That is what hubby asked too, are you sure we are selling this? But, it is a little too rustic for my style. Now if I had a cabin... Thank you for your sweet words!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank Kim, it was fun to make and the stain and finish made the wood look so nice!


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