Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Letting God Define Us
Happy Sunday! Dictionary: a reference book that contains an alphabetical listing of words that define them, along with other pertinent information. Definitions are important when we don't understand a word's meaning. But, what words do we use to define ourselves? Do you use labels such as mom, teacher, student, etc.? Do your activities and what you do define you--you are a good cook, a creative artist, a gifted athlete? God never intended for what we do, how we perform, and what others say about us to define us. While these things might determine what we do and what we are passionate about, they are fleeting and fickle and can change instantly. God wants to be the only one that defines us. When we look in his dictionary, the Bible, we see that we are precious, wanted, planned for, honored, and above all else, loved beyond measure. Let's work on letting God alone define us and focus on knowing that we are who God says we are, period!

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