Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Reflecting Love
Happy Sunday! A good reflection accurately returns or throws back what is "put into it". In other words, "What goes in, must come out." When we spend time with God, whether it is in prayer, worship, or reading the Bible, it is reflected through loving others and being kind to one another. When people are unkind or rude or hateful, we need to remember that they are reflecting what they know and what has been embedded in their lives. We can break that by giving the unmerited love and forgiveness that is given to us by Jesus. The saying, "What goes around comes around," is often used in a negative way when we want someone to get what they deserve. But, grace says we don't have to get what we deserve. When we share God's grace and love with each other, we break the cycle and change the reflection.

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  1. Wonderful message today and an interesting way to interpret that saying.


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