Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Taking Life One Day at at Time
Happy Sunday! This past week, I purchased a puzzle depicting the Christmas tree and ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center. As we dumped out one thousand little puzzle pieces, it was clear that we needed to put some of the pieces back in the box so we could focus only on the straight edge pieces for the outside frame first. In life, when we try to look at the whole picture and see how everything is going to turn out, it is overwhelming. I do this not only with my own life, but with my children's lives as well. I want to see all the parts and life events that insure that the final picture will be what it is supposed to be. But, God wants us to to take life simply one day, one piece, at a time. He KNOWS how it is going to work out and he wants us to trust that--to trust HIM. Trying to see the whole picture at once and all that makes it up engulfs us with anxiety and fear. Let God put the pieces together and let's focus on what is in front of us.


  1. This has certainly been a day of PUZZLES for me. Went to the funeral of a long-time friend and co-worker and the message was centered around a puzzle...that we need to build the "fence" around the puzzle first, then we fill in the other pieces of our lives. I can't really explain it all but it was a wonderful message. Your message is a great one also.

  2. Good grief Becky - perfect timing for this post. Thanks!


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