Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday Verses

See Things With a Different View
Happy Sunday! While driving home at dusk earlier in the week, we could see the humongous, pink, super moon rising above the trees. We quickly pulled over and walked towards the moon, trying to capture its beauty with cell phone cameras--it didn't work. As we turned around to leave, I saw the sunset setting and still reflections on calm water and snapped some decent photos of that instead of the moon. Sometimes, turning around, changing our focus, gives us an even better view. 
Jesus was everything the Pharisees thought he shouldn't be. He loved those deemed unworthy of love, he broke the rules and laws, he taught in new ways with new ideas, and folks simply did not understand or trust him because they were so focused on the big, shiny religion and laws they had known for so long. Jesus helps us when we are looking at something a certain way to turn around and see an even better picture with him if we are willing. When we have a new perspective and understanding about something--a verse, a rule, a religion or church, a way to love--it can be difficult to recognize the beauty in it because we have been so set on seeing what we want to see. Don't be afraid of a different view. It is okay to find truth and beauty in something you weren't even looking for.

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  1. Jesus was God's way of saying things are changing. Jesus went to those who were poor, ill, sinners and those in need. Jesus was all about love and acceptance and caring and inclusion and forgiveness.


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