Monday, February 8, 2016

Checkers Table

Y'all, I work for the best people.  My job is a small job, and I call it play because I so enjoy doing it. I merchandise/decorate for an antique place (The Antique Barn in Gallatin Gateway, MT) and I only work a few hours a week.  

While at work each week, I have been eyeing this awesome checkers table in another dealer's booth.
checkers, table, antiques, game table, vintage, side table, old schoolhouse,
It reminds me of the checkers table that my grandparents had in their upstairs hallway landing in their old farmhouse.  

antique table. checkers table, side table, game table,
Today, when I went to work and conducted my customary "walkabout", where I walk around the store and see what needs cleaning up, I found a sold, pick-up Monday sign on the table.  I was sad until I also saw a card with my name on it taped to the table.  My bosses bought the table for me!! I am so touched--it is good to be appreciated, isn't it?
game table, antiques, checkers table, side table, old schoolhouse, vintage,
The table is perfect sitting here on my gallery wall.
game table, antique table, checkers,
I know, I need one more row of checkers to play--it is missing two black ones, but I have a couple old ones to replace the missing one with.
checkers, antique, side table, game table,
I love that it is handmade, the different colors of wood on the top, the checker pieces, and the crackle on the board.
checkers, antiques, side table,
I will probably sand, rough up the legs some--I think the dealer painted/added these.  But, I love it--love the memories of my grandparents' home, love the sweet gesture of my great employers!


  1. How thoughtful! I love the gameboard...the table looks great where you put it!

  2. This is such a wonderful table. It looks great on sitting by your gallery wall. You have some very thoughtful bosses.

    xo Dianne

  3. What a lovely surprise! Your bosses are really sweet, Becky. It seems to be the perfect work place.

  4. how thoughtful! What a nice place to work.

    love your new checkers table.



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