Monday, February 29, 2016

Old Drawer Work Station

When inspiration hits, a girl has to build. And even though I have had these drawers for a few years, when I spied in them under my work table I knew exactly what I was going to make.
island, old drawers, work table, reclaimed wood, vintage, barnwood, bar,

So I grabbed some 2"x 2" pieces for the legs, and some barnwood pieces for the top and started building.  The first thing I did was sand the drawers to see which colors would come out to make a leg color decision.  I bought these drawers at a type of Restore place.  There were some blues, light greens, yellows, and whites under the tan paint on the outside.  And the wonderful bakelite handles were a rusty red.
kitchen island, old drawers, repurposed, reclaimed wood, bar, work station,
I couldn't decide on a color so I chose to paint each leg a different color. I attached the legs to the drawers, screwing through the inside of the drawer.
old drawers, kitchen island, work station, reclaimed, vintage, kitchen,
Next, I made the top by joining three pieces of hardwood (chestnut) together.  I had to use small pieces to join the one side so that the joiner pieces would fit between the silverware drawer spaces.
hinged lid, old wood, salvaged, kitchen island, bar,
I used hinges to attach the top to the drawer.  I love the spaces in the top drawer.
kitchen island, DIY, build it, old drawers, reclaimed wood, barnwood,
I added a bottle opener and a hook to the side of the work table.
bottle opener, coat hook, kitchen island, reclaimed wood,
The bottom open drawer is a great place for bigger, taller items.
old drawers, repurposed, kitchen island, storage, cookbooks, barnwood,
This would make the greatest bake table, craft station, bar, or island. Where would you use it?
Old drawers, repurposed drawer, kitchen island, work station, bar,


  1. Charming! It'd be perfect as a little side table in a craft room. You could store brushes & pencil sharpeners & whatnot in the top drawer & paint bottles, craft books & the like in the bottom one. Very useful indeed. Great job Becky.

  2. I am inspired to find some drawers and build this. Love the hinged top and the divided drawer.

    1. Thanks Audrey--if you have a Habitat Restore they often have lonely drawers.

  3. Great job in creating a wonderfully practical piece for almost anywhere! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this! Great idea adding the bottle opener, insta-awesome right there.
    Your work station is whimsy, unique and soooo useful.

    1. Haha, thanks, yes a bottle opener is necessary on all work stations ;)!

  5. How tall did to make the legs?


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