Thursday, February 11, 2016

State Shield

I've had a couple interviews this week for my book (Crafting with Wood Pallets) and I was asked both times where I get my inspiration.  I answered with the truth--everywhere.

Sometimes I will see a color that inspires me, sometimes it is the shape of an object, something in nature, sometimes it is a t-shirt with a saying or design.

As I was turning into the thrift store parking lot the other day I saw a sticker on a car that had two arrows crossed (which has been around for awhile) and the school initials on the side and then lacrosse equipment on the top and bottom.
state shield, Montana, thrift store,  Fusion Mineral Paint, arrows, sign, copper, home decor, bear, state sign,

I knew instantly that I wanted to make a state shield that was patterned after the window sticker I saw.
state sign, fusion mineral paint, copper paint, arrow, thrift store, decor, rustic,
Then, when I walked into the thrift store I found this large wood plate/platter and knew it would make a perfect state shield sign.
state sign, thrift store decor, wood plate, fusion mineral paint, Montana,
After a light sanding to get rid of the original design, I painted the plate with Fusion Mineral Paint (MY FAVORITE paint because of it's smooth finish that needs no waxing or clear coat) in my favorite color combo, Laurentien and Copper. I sketched out my design in chalk, finding the middle of the platter to cross the arrows.
state shield, fusion mineral paint, chalkpaint, state sign,
I painted the design in white paint, using stencils for the MT.
state sign, thrift store, decor, rustic, fusion mineral paint, Montana, old schoolhouse,
I love how it turned out 
state shield, fusion mineral paint, arrow sign, state sign, copper paint, Montana sign,
and will definitely be painting this again on other signs!
state sign, fusion mineral paint, state shield, Montana sign, wood plate, thrift store, rustic decor,


  1. That's pretty cool. It looks almost big enough that you could add some legs & make a little occasional table out of it.

    1. That is a fun idea Deb, it would be cute as a table or little stool top.

  2. Your plate turned out very nice. I live in a part of Minnesota that was settled by Scandinavian immigrants among others. The original design on the plate is a type of Norwegian folk painting called Rosemaling.

    1. Thanks for the information. I guessed it was Scandinavian and did hesitate about sanding it, but I know if I plan on selling it, it wouldn't sell as is.

    2. I didn't mean to sound as if I was suggesting that you shouldn't have sanded it or painted it. That was not my intention at all. While they are pretty prevalent here I did not know if people from other parts of the country were familiar. I think there are a lot of rosemaled pieces out there, both new and vintage and anyone in search of a piece would probably have little trouble finding one so it is not like a rare, irreplaceable antique was sacrificed. I think your shield turned out very cute. Lorri

  3. I really like the plate too and looks good in the window.

    1. Thanks Cathy, it set perfectly in the window handle. But, I think my daughter is stealing it for her room!


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