Monday, March 28, 2016

Rustic, Old Door Bar DIY

So, when asked to make something for our local booster club I auction, I said yes (like I have many times before).  

I decided I wanted to build a rustic bar, and then decide to use an old door for the front, and well...

the project evolved from there. 
old door, bar, rustic, barnwood, repurposed, wine rack, salvaged, DIY,
(Please excuse messy workshop pictures.  I finished this baby just in time for the auction and didn't have time to properly stage it. Plus, it was too heavy to carry anywhere other than the back of the pickup.)

I didn't plan for it to be almost 6 feet long, 200+ pounds heavy.  But it is, and I had an absolute blast building this rustic bar.
rustic bar, old door, barnwood, wine rack, repurposed, build it,
I cut this windowless door in half to form the front. A standard bar height is 42".  The door halves were 40" tall, and with the top added it makes the bar 42".
old door, rustic bar, repurposed,
Next step is making the sides.  I used barnwood 2"x4" pices for the back "leg" of the bar.  I used salvaged wood pieces, cut 18" long to crate the sides.  I screw the top and bottom boards into the door pices and the 2"x4"s.  I used the nail gun to attach the other side pieces.
old door, rustic bar, barnwood, building plans,
I joined the door halves together by using a small chunk of wood on the inside, with a long baseboard on the front and with the inside bottom shelf brackets.
building plans, rustic bar, barnwood,
.Next, cut and add bottom shelf pieces using a nail gun.
barnwood bar, old door, repurposed,
I then made the wine rack for the bar.  This probably took as long to make as the rest of the bar.  Not because it was hard, but because I had never made one and because I started making it one way, and then changed my mind and did it another way.  I will show you a separate tutorial for this tomorrow.
old door, bar, wine rack pallet wood, salvaged,
I also added a 2"x6" in the middle of the bar and a 2"x4" brace perpendicular to the 2"x6"
2x6, build it, old door, rustic bar,
I added a second shelf on the other half without the wine rack.
building plans, rustic bar, barnwood,

reclaimed wood, barnwood, rustic bar, build it, DIY,
Next, I secured a wood bracket on each bar side.  This is for joining the top not only together, but also to the bar. 
wood brace, bar, hook, reclaimed,
I included two hooks on the backside of the bar and a bottle opener. 
bottle opener, rustic bar, barnwood,
I forgot to take pictures after this, but all that was left was adding the top, 3 big chunks of lovely reclaimed wood.  There is a little overhang on the front, not a lot, but enough to make a great bar.

Wine glass holders were built, using the directions in my book Crafting With Wood Pallets and secured to the underside of the bar top.
wine holder, pallet wood, wineglass holder, DIY, bar,
Several coats of clear finish completed this rustic. It went for a great price and to a good home.  
rustic bar, old door, upcycled, wine rack, pallet wood, barnwood,


  1. Wow! Such a great project Becky, I am sure someone will love this in their home :)

    1. Thanks Susan! There was a little bidding war on it and then it sold and was loaded up and headed to a new home.

  2. Loving your bar, it looks amazing. Love the wood texture, very rustic!

    1. Thanks Christine! Yes, the different wood really made it special!

  3. Wowza Becky! Excellent repurpose of wood parts.

  4. You are so creative, Becky...♥ the bar!

  5. You are quite a carpenter, rehabber Becky, my appreciation of your skills is quite high. Wow is all can say about your awesome bar, lucky buyer of that bar. Haviing place for glasses could be wonderful kitchen island.
    Happy week.

    1. Thank you, I had fun making it. It definitely could make an island too.

  6. What a neat project. This one will really make alot of money at the auction.

  7. Love the bar and the use of the barn wood. You're a girl after my own heart.

  8. Love the bar and the use of the barn wood. You're a girl after my own heart.


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