Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rustic Chippy Sign

I picked up a homemade cutting board at a garage sale because I knew it was perfect for a sign--a rustic, cabin style Pine Lodge sign.

rustic pine lodge chippy sign

Using craft paints, I painted it red first.  When that was dry I painted two colors of green over the top. When the green was ALMOST dry, but not quite, I used a paint scraper to remove some of the green and some of the red to show the wood.  I brushed the damp paint a little to smooth over any areas that got a little to "roughed up" with the paint scraper.
how to create a chippy paint finish
When it was all dry, I stenciled PINE LODGE on the sign and then I sanded a little over the words when they were dry.  I finished it all with some golden oak stain to give it a yellowing, vintage feel.  
a cabin style rustic sign made from an old bread board
This will be part of my camp/cabin display at the Antique Barn where I have a booth. 

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  1. Simple and to the point, just what people want.Good job.


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