Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rustic Farmhouse Desk and Work Table

make a desk from pallet wood and scrap two by twos

Days when I get to "play" in the workshop with no real plan are my favorite days! Yesterday's play time (while it was snowing outside) resulted in this fun rustic/cabin/farmhouse style desk or work table.

cute legs and an angle
I started with some 2"x 2" scrap boards that I cut two 31" tall back legs. I then cut a 20 degree angle for the front legs. They have to start longer then 31" and I really can't tell you what that length is, haha! I placed the angled leg next to the back leg where I thought I wanted it and marked straight across, perpendicular to the back leg.  
join legs together with braces
I then joined the legs together at the top and 22" down from the top,which made a shelf brace.
use pallet wood to make a rustic desk or work table
I added three pieces of pallet wood for the top, and three pieces on the bottom for a storage shelf.
bottom shelf on rustic farmhouse table adds storage
The desk slash work table is very sturdy, but I decided to add a 1" x 2" V in the back mostly for design, but it also helps sturdy the desk more.
a v brace helps sturdy the rustic desk
I stained the wood first, using a dark walnut gel stain. I then painted over the legs and bottom shelf with Fusion Mineral Paint in Seaside Blue. As soon as I finished painting, I lightly sanded some of the damp paint off.
use dark gel stain and fusion mineral paint to create a rustic farmhouse feel
I finished the whole thing with a spar urethane because I think this would make a great potting table as well. 
a rustic farmhouse desk or table perfect for a cabin

This table is going to be in a new display I put together in June. I like the rustic, cabiny, farmhouse feel to this piece and it is versatile enough to be used in many different rooms.


  1. Very nice! I love the coloration!

  2. Beautiful Becky. Good job. I want one. Time to check my wood supply!

    1. Thank you Deb, it came together very quickly--a fairly easy build!

  3. Love your little desk/work table.Great size and design to be used for multiple purposes in multiple rooms, so handy. I too would love to have a table like this, great coloration. You are one very handy talented lady.
    Would love to have one for my computer as desk am using now has wheels and moves too much, besides yours is much better looking.
    Enjoy your weekend

    1. Thank you! It is a great size for a little computer desk.


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