Monday, November 27, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Day 4 Christmas Card Holder

use thrift store finds for your Christmas decor

On the fourth day of Christmas
Beyond the Picket Fence gave to me,
a Christmas card holder that is super easy.
use thrift store finds for your Christmas decor

Who needs the EASY button after the long Thanksgiving weekend? I do, I do. Today's project takes less than five minutes and starts with a simple pant hanger from the thrift store. I find these often, especially at Goodwill. Look on the end caps by the kitchen stuff.

use thrift store finds for your Christmas decor
If you can't find a multi pant hanger, you can hang single pant hangers from each other. 
add a pine bough to a hanger to make a Christmas card holder

Simply add a small Christmas pine pick or bough (also from the thrift store) by tying it to the top of the hanger with a ribbon. I wrapped a few of the branches around the hanger.

Christmas Card Holder from a Thrift Store Hanger
The pant hanger clips can be adjusted to stagger the cards. You can also use this to hang favorite holiday photos of your family or small wrapped gifts for a countdown to Christmas calendar. 

See, I told you it was EASY!!


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