Tuesday, November 21, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Day 3 Upcycle a Thrift Store Wreath

12 Days of Thrift Store Christmas Ideas

On the third day of Christmas
Beyond the Picket Fence gave to me,
an upcycled thrift store wreath!

Have you priced out faux greenery and wreaths lately? Yowsa! The thrift stores I have been perusing lately have had no fewer than three pine wreaths--some pretty good looking ones and some not so much. I purchased this one for $1.99.
upcycle a thrift store wreath to make a rustic christmas wreath

The key to upcycling what may be a tired looking thrift store wreath is to  add to it. You can add Christmas balls, small toys, berries and twigs, kitchen utensils, mittens, etc. Check out the thrift store aisles to find the perfect wreath filler that fits your decor!

thrift store wreath and Christmas lights
To upcycle this wreath I added some big, old fashioned style Christmas lights. I got rid of the orange and blue bulbs and cut the light string so that it was shorter (when it was unplugged of course). I wrapped the lights around the wreath, using the wire in the pine branches to hold them in place.
use flannel pajamas to wrap Christmas balls for a cabin style wreath
Next, I wrapped some thrift store plastic Christmas balls in flannel. The flannel was a pair of men's PAJAMAS (yep, my Christmas wreath has pjs on it!) from the thrift store--they cost me a whole dollar. Cut squares approximately 6" x 6", depending on the size of the ornaments you are wrapping. I hot glued around the neck of the ornament and then wrapped the flannel square up around it.
wrap wire around the neck of the christmas ball
I then used floral wire (about 10") to wrap around the neck. Cut of extra fabric and wire the flannel ball to the wreath.

I added a flannel bow cut fro the same pajamas. I left the edges raw and frayed them a bit for a more rustic look.
a rustic cabin style christmas wreath from the thrift store
I finished the wreath with some twigs from my yard added "messy hair style", i.e. sticking out around the edges. 
christmas wreath made from thrift store items
My uncycled thrift store wreath is hanging on a picket fence section on my front porch--simple and rustic and ready to greet guests for the holidays!


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