Monday, November 13, 2017

Vintage Snowshoe

So, to be honest, when I spied a pair of vintage snowshoes at a garage sale, I hesitated. They were metal, not the older wood type and well, I just wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. 

But, the price was too good to pass up so I purchased them and I am glad I did. I few twigs from my yard, some pine boughs from the craft store, and ribbon dressed the snowshoes up for the holidays.
Create and easy decoration with an old snowshoe and pine boughs

I made two identical snowshoe "wreaths". I love using these on a door as an alternative to the traditional wreath. 
make a unique christmas decoration with a vintage snowshoe

I wired the pine boughs and twigs together and to the snowshoe. TIP--it is more cost effective to buy a pine garland and cut it apart with wire cutters. I include one actual bough with berries and pinecones. Use items from around your home and yard to also save money.

use twigs and pine garland to make an easy Christmas decoration
Keep your eyes open for some snowshoes, even a metal pair (I do see them at thrift stores), or a pair of children's skis and make this easy decoration for the holidays. 


  1. I love this look so much, Becky! I'm inspired to paint the frames of my snowshoes red...

    1. Thanks Linda! These were red, but I would totally paint some red if they needed a pop!

  2. Great idea! I LOVE it but never see snow shoes.

    1. Thanks! They are pretty common here in Montana. Ice skates, fishing poles or creels, hockey sticks all look cute too and make a great alternative to a wreath!


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